MuscleGlide Products are very effective for treating the following:


- Danny Wheat, Head Athletic Trainer, Texas Christian University

"MuscleGlide products allow us to produce results we have not previously been able to achieve.
Our athletes really like them."
-Mark Coberley, Head Athletic Trainer Iowa State University

"I definitely give this product a 5 STAR Rating"
- Kente Bell, U.S. National Champion & Olympic Triple Jumper

"I love my MuscleGlide. I love how solid it is and how the wheels hit the exact spot I need."
-Mark Hollis, U.S. National Champion Pole Vaulter

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Professional 4-Wheel sports massage muscle roller.

: $89.00
4-Wheel Sports Therapy Muscle Massager
The gel rubber handles provide increased comfort and decreased hand strain. Perfect for use by athletic trainers, physical therapists and other healthcare providers or anyone else that will use their MuscleGlide frequently or for extended periods of time.