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"I definitely give the Muscle Glide a 5-STAR rating!"
-Kente Bell -U.S. National Champion and U.S Olympic Triple Jumper

As an athlete you expect your body to perform it's best at all times, and the best way to ensure your muscles are performing at their peak is by the regular use of Muscle Glide rollers.


Muscle Glide rollers are the most versatile and effective muscle therapy tools available. We offer the only tools on the market that can be used as a handheld stick-type roller and also rolled over like a foam roller. And we are equally effective used alone or with a partner. With Muscle Glide rollers you can provide trigger point therapy and deep tissue massage to any part of the body easily and effectively anywhere, anytime.


Our versatility lies within our patented design. Our stiff axles and optimally-shaped urethane wheels allow you to use minimal force to provide deep massage to any body part. You control exactly how much massage your muscles need to get them ready to perform. No muscle is too tight or stiff to be relaxed with the use of a Muscle Glide. If you only need a light warmup just apply a light force. If you need more push harder or set on the floor or against a wall and use your body weight to apply as much force as you need.We have been told by many athletes and trainers that the Muscle Glide is the best tool they've ever used for preventing and rehabilitating hamstring injuries. Most foam rollers are too soft and even the models with the ridges aren't dense enough to provide effective therapy to the hamstrings of many athletes. Because of our patented design we are the only brand on the market using urethane rubber wheels which are denser than muscle tissue allowing you to loosen even the largest and tightest muscles.

Patented Design

The patented design of Muscle Glide rollers allows you to use them on any area of the body. The spacing between the wheels allows their use up and down the spine to relax the back and the spacing also allows the wheels to penetrate deeper into muscle tissue than any other roller. The profile of the Muscle Glide isn't a "flat" cylinder like many other rollers which only "mash" the muscle tissue rather than penetrating and providing effective massage. The urethane rubber wheels are also non-porous so they stay much more clean and sanitary that foam rollers and the wheels won't ever pinch or pull hair like other products.

No matter what sport you participate in, Muscle Glide rollers can help. We are very effective in treating Plantar Fasciitis and IT Bands as well as tennis elbow or most other forms of tendinitis. Sore, stiff, achy muscles anywhere on your body deserve to feel better any perform at their best with the use of a Muscle Glide. We guarantee you'll be happy you got a Muscle Glide roller with our lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If it ever fails to perform as well as we've promised, we'll refund or replace it (you choice) for life.
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4-Wheel muscle therapy massager 4-Wheel Personal Best Model

Compact size makes it perfect for travel or any gym bag. A great all-around muscle roller for slim to average sized individuals and their partners.

: $49.00
6-Wheel muscle therapy massager 6-Wheel Personal Best Model

Designed and priced to be used by everyone. A great all-around muscle roller for average to larger sized individuals and their partners.

: $59.00
6-Wheel PRO muscle therapy roller for pain management 6-Wheel PRO Model

The MuscleGlide 6-Wheel PRO Model is the perfect roller for nearly every professional user. Compact enough to be maneuverable, but wide enough to work well on all but the largest individuals.

: $79.00