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Athletic Trainer

"MuscleGlide products allow us to produce results we have not previously been able to achieve. Our athletes really like them."

Mark Coberley
Head Athletic Trainer Iowa State University

The Muscle Glide PRO series handheld muscle therapy tools are the best tools on the market for use by Athletic Trainers. Our patented designs offer many unique advantages over the cheaper foam and plastic options on the market.


Muscle Glide products utilize urethane wheels which provide the optimal shape for breaking up muscle knots and addressing trigger points, and the spacing between the wheels allows each wheel to penetrate deep into the muscle to help reduce knots and tightness in the largest and densest athletic muscle. You'll notice that the shape and spacing of the wheels on Muscle Glide units does not create a "flat" surface like most other rollers which only serve to "mash" the muscle instead of penetrating and breaking up knots. Also, the rubbery urethane wheels are about the same density as cartilage so they are soft enough to prevent joint damage but are more dense than muscle knots and scars which allows you to provide safe and effective trigger point therapy and deep muscle massage. Most foam rollers are less dense than muscle knots so they aren't as effective in breaking them up and hard plastic rollers can be harsh on connective tissue and joints.

Patented Design

The design and materials used in Muscle Glide PRO series products are indeed proven to give you and your athletes the best soft-tissue therapy available. The unbend-able steel axles give you the ability to transfer all of your force directly to target areas with minimal effort and combined with the Kraton gel rubber handles saves stress and strain on your fingers, hands, wrists and arms. Our extremely durable non-porous urethane wheels don't harbor germs like foam-covered rollers and can be easily cleaned with any commercial cleaning agents. All of our PRO series products are indeed professional-level quality and are currently being used by many top professional teams and universities and all of our products have a lifetime satisfaction guarantee. If it ever fails or you decide it's not everything we promise we'll replace or refund (your choice) any Muscle Glide products for life.
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4-Wheel Sports Therapy Muscle Massager 4-Wheel PRO Model

The MuscleGlide 4-Wheel PRO Model is great for getting into those hard to reach places the big rollers can't get to.

: $79.00
6-Wheel PRO muscle therapy roller for pain management 6-Wheel PRO Model

The MuscleGlide 6-Wheel PRO Model is the perfect roller for nearly every professional user. Compact enough to be maneuverable, but wide enough to work well on all but the largest individuals.

: $79.00
8-Wheel muscle therapy roller for pain management 8-Wheel PRO Model

The extra wheel width allows use on the largest areas of the body and the extra surface area allows fast coverage with the fewest number of strokes.

: $89.00