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"The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten."
-Sir Henry Royce- Co-founder of Rolls-Royce

Muscle Glide products are designed and engineered to be the best muscle performance tools available and we manufacture them with the best components available.

Design Quality

Our urethane rubber wheels are much more biocompatible, effective and safe than the cheap foam or hard plastic used by our competitors. The urethane we use has a slight rubbery feel and is about the same density as cartilage so it is more comfortable than hard plastic and safe around joints but it is more dense than knots to help loosen them efficiently and effectively. Unlike foam, our urethane wheels are non-porous so they are easy to clean and won't harbor bacteria, viruses or fungus.

Our axles are made of steel or fiberglass to provide the most efficient transmission of force with the least amount of effort. You can get as deep a massage as you need without wearing yourself or your partner out and our axles are extremely durable so they won't break when you need them most. Our Personal Best models have phthalate-free PVC handles which are easy-to-clean and our PRO models have Kraton gel rubber handles for all-day comfort for clinical or professional use. Our patented design means we have the only products on the market that provide the ability to be used handheld like a stick-type roller on yourself or a partner or rolled on top of like a foam roller on the floor, chair, table or against a wall.


Because our muscle performance tools cost much more to produce than the other cheap alternatives you won't find them on every other website or every retail store. All Muscle Glide products are made in the U.S.A. and by offering them direct to you we save you the usual retail markup and shipping is always free. We guarantee your muscles will feel better and perform better by using a Muscle Glide and we provide a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee to prove it.