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Muscle Glide is a family of muscle performance tools which have been proven to be the most versatile and effective massage tools available.

The patented designs of Muscle Glide tools were created to overcome all of the shortcomings of the other muscle therapy tools on the market and we have 100% customer satisfaction from thousands of professional and amateur users to prove that we've accomplished that goal. Muscle Glide products are designed and engineered to provide maximum effectiveness using the science behind muscle performance as our guide. Understanding how muscles work helps you understand how to help prevent injuries and help to repair them most effectively. You'll notice we don't look like the other tools on the market and that is because we are designed better to perform better.

The Concept

The Muscle Glide concept is more than just a name. It describes how healthy muscles actually perform. From the molecular level to the anatomical level, muscles work by contracting and then they slide or GLIDE back to their relaxed length. Each muscle is actually comprised of a bunch of smaller fibers that each work together to create the ability to move via contraction and relaxation. The rates of contraction and relaxation of the individual fibers can vary within each muscle so it is important to maintain their ability to move freely and independently. Muscles are surrounded by a type of connective tissue called myofascia, which when healthy allows adjacent muscles to glide at slightly different rates next to each other (think the four muscles in the Quadriceps or upper thigh) so that each muscle can work somewhat independently. If anything interferes with the ability of the muscle and myofascia to glide back and forth, you can have a performance issue.

Both muscles and myofascia frequently become damaged during strenuous activity. Very small tears often occur inside our muscle and connective tissue on a daily basis. This type of frequent damage usually manifests itself in the form of soreness and stiffness. Normally most moderate tissue damage is repaired naturally if allowed an adequate amount of rest between strenuous activities. With continual repeated damage, however, the normal healing mechanism often can't keep up and instead can create internal scar tissue which can eventually grow into and form what we commonly refer to as as knots or trigger points, and the myofascia can thicken and become sticky and less flexible. This damage can cause your muscles and myofascia to lose the ability to glide easily. It is by treating this damage that we can help to reduce pain and stiffness while maintaining maximum muscle performance and helping to minimize the potential for further injury.

How the Muscle Glide Works

You're probably aware that muscles work by exerting force in line with the direction of their orientation. For most skeletal muscles this means along and around our bones. Our skeletal muscles are comprised of many smaller fibers which are all arranged like bundles of uncooked spaghetti, all oriented in the same direction. Healthy muscle is similar to a fresh package of uncooked spaghetti; the individual fibers are unbroken and can glide easily next to adjacent pieces. But after the spaghetti is cooked it loses it's shape and orientation and the sticky pieces lose their ability to glide easily in a unified direction. Similarly, damaged muscle fibers lose their ability to glide like they should. One way to help rearrange these broken fibers is to apply a tool that loosens the sticky areas and orients the fibers back in their proper direction like the teeth of a comb orients all of the hairs that pass through it. This is the concept behind the design and function of the Muscle Glide tools. The edges of the wheels help to penetrate muscle knots and sticky myofascia, while the spacing between the wheels allows the wheels to penetrate deeper into the muscle while loosening them along the orientation of the fibers.

Compare To The Competition

Most muscle "rollers" on the market are "flat" cylinders that are shaped like your grandmothers baking rolling pin. Flat surfaces merely "mash" the muscle and don't do anything to help penetrate directly into the muscle tissue to loosen the fibers and help keep the muscle loose and flexible. Muscle Glide products were engineered specifically to penetrate the muscle and loosen knots and myofascia while maintaining the correct orientation of the fibers. This provides your muscles the ability to perform at their highest levels and can help reduce the chance of injury. Thousands of athletes and professional medical providers rely on the Muscle Glide tools to give them the edge in muscle performance, and all Muscle Glide products carry a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee to ensure they will always work for you too.