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Muscle therapy roller, Horizontal PRO Wall Unit Horizontal PRO Wall Unit

Ajustable unit up to 5 feet. Perfect for rolling your own back, shoulders, neck and glutes or anywhere else you'd like to roll against a stationary set of MuscleGlide rollers.

: $1,999.00
Back Extension PRO muscle roller Back Extension PRO

Unique, quick and effective method for providing pain relief and inflexibility associated with tight muscles of the back. By allowing the spine and back muscles to extend gently rearward using only gravity.

: $599.00
MuscleGlide Vertical PRO Wall Unit Vertical PRO Wall Unit

Absolutely outstanding for hips, shoulders and the IT band as well as any other areas on the sides of your body.

: $499.00
Hamstring PRO Floor Model Hamstring PRO Floor Model

The PRO model provides twice the coverage of the Mini model to allow athletes to treat both legs or glutes at the same time. Easier and more effective than any foam roller.

: $399.00
Mini Floor Muscle Roller Mini Floor Model

Best method for treating hamstrings, glutes and calf muscles ever developed.

: $199.00
8-Wheel muscle therapy roller for pain management 8-Wheel PRO Model

The extra wheel width allows use on the largest areas of the body and the extra surface area allows fast coverage with the fewest number of strokes.

: $89.00
6-Wheel PRO muscle therapy roller for pain management 6-Wheel PRO Model

The MuscleGlide 6-Wheel PRO Model is the perfect roller for nearly every professional user. Compact enough to be maneuverable, but wide enough to work well on all but the largest individuals.

: $79.00
4-Wheel Sports Therapy Muscle Massager 4-Wheel PRO Model

The MuscleGlide 4-Wheel PRO Model is great for getting into those hard to reach places the big rollers can't get to.

: $79.00
2-Wheel PRO muscle massager 2-Wheel PRO Model

The MuscleGlide 2-Wheel Pro Model provides increased knuckle clearance due to the handles being closer together. Increased spacing between the wheels is perfect for use on the Erector Spinae.

: $79.00
MuscleGlide Sun Visor MuscleGlide Visor

Premium visor with MuscleGlide Imprint.

: $20.00
Baseball cap, MuscleGlide brand MuscleGlide Baseball Cap

Premium cap with MuscleGlide Imprint.

: $20.00
MuscleGlide Carry Tote MuscleGlide Carry Tote

Protect your MuscleGlide from dust, dirt and the elements.

: $15.00