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"I have been using the MuscleGlide for a couple of years now and I feel like it is the most effective tool I have tried for working on trigger points, muscle fibrosis , and adhesions in the tendons. The wheel system on the muscle glide allows for a nice amount of stripping of the muscular adhesions without being too painful for the patient."
Dr. Roy Lubkeman, D.C.
The Muscle Glide PRO handheld models are a wonderful addition to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and patient satisfaction of the practice of any Doctor of Chiropractic.

Muscle Glide PRO handheld models allow you to quickly and effectively locate and treat trigger points and provide myofascial release and relax tight muscles on any areas of the body allowing you to make easier adjustments to your patients. The major benefit to you is that the Muscle Glide is completely hands-free on the patient which allows you to treat personal areas such as the glutes or upper thighs and hamstrings without causing any confusion by the patient, and keeps your hands away from areas you'd prefer not to touch. Unlike most other rollers on the market, the Muscle Glide PRO models are truly professional quality and are built with steel axles and Kraton gel rubber handles which allows you to transmit as much force as needed to the patient while limiting stress and strain to your fingers, hands, wrists and arms.


Using a Muscle Glide on your patients has been proven to be a tremendous value-added benefit which takes little time or effort on your part. The massaging action of the Muscle Glide feels very good on tight, sore muscles and greatly increases patient satisfaction with your care. The spacing between the wheels of the Muscle Glide even allows you to roll up and down the spine of your patients painlessly, which is something very few other rollers can do. The urethane rubber wheels are about the same density as cartilage so they are safe around joints, but are denser than muscle tissue so they are very effective in providing deep massage to any areas on the body. The Muscle Glide also provides relief for Plantar Fasciitis and tennis elbow and other types of tendinitis. The patented design of the Muscle Glide makes it effective for use over all types of clothing, even light jackets and the thickest pants. We have seen tremendous satisfaction from Doctors of Chiropractic and their patients using the Muscle Glide PRO models and we stand behind it with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.
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4-Wheel Sports Therapy Muscle Massager 4-Wheel PRO Model

The MuscleGlide 4-Wheel PRO Model is great for getting into those hard to reach places the big rollers can't get to.

: $79.00
6-Wheel PRO muscle therapy roller for pain management 6-Wheel PRO Model

The MuscleGlide 6-Wheel PRO Model is the perfect roller for nearly every professional user. Compact enough to be maneuverable, but wide enough to work well on all but the largest individuals.

: $79.00
8-Wheel muscle therapy roller for pain management 8-Wheel PRO Model

The extra wheel width allows use on the largest areas of the body and the extra surface area allows fast coverage with the fewest number of strokes.

: $89.00