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Hamstrings are the group of muscles that comprise the back of the thigh. Along with the Gluteal muscles, they comprise some of the strongest and most forceful muscles in the body.

All running, jumping, lunging and squatting movements rely heavily on the Hamstrings. That's why they are so important to the performance and abilities of every athlete. But unfortunately they suffer from a lack of proper attention by being out-of-sight and out-of-mind.

Much less focus is placed on the care of Hamstrings than almost any other leg muscles. The Quads get all the attention because they are so prominent and easy to grow and take care of. The calves and lower legs are also prominent and fairly easy to take care of, especially since most athletes are made aware from an early age of the tragedy of the Greek god Achilles. Unfortunately the Hamstrings don't get the press they deserve, and because they are fairly difficult to reach they are often overlooked from a muscle management & therapy protocol. This has proven disastrous for innumerable pro and amateur athletes.


The frequency and ease by which the Hamstrings are injured has plagued athletic training forever, and surprisingly few effective therapies or devices have been created to help prevent and fix most Hamstring injuries. One of the most important benefits of the MuscleGlide products is how well they reduce the stress, tightness and tension in Hamstrings that can lead to pulls and tears if left untreated.