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The front of the thigh, or Quadriceps, is one of the most highly developed groups of muscles on many athletes.

The quadriceps provide a great deal of the power and finesse that gives athletes their ability to perform the entire range of athletic movements from running and jumping to biking, skating and squatting. The large size of the quadriceps makes them less prone to injury than the hamstrings and their location makes them much easier to reach for self-treatment. However, the large size of the quads on many athletes can make it difficult to provide adequate penetration for proper muscle therapy. Thankfully the sturdy design and construction of the Muscle Glide makes it possible for everyone to effectively treat their quadriceps. A few minutes is all it takes to provide beneficial therapy to all of the muscles of the quadriceps and regular use of the Muscle Glide roller on your Quadriceps helps keep them flexible and reduces the chance for injuries.

The Iliotibial Band or IT Band, runs along the outer thigh from above the hip to below the knee. It acts to stabilize the leg and knee during running, biking and squatting. Since the IT Band runs along the outside of the thigh, it can become irritated from continual rubbing of the band over the lateral femoral epicondyle of the Femur or other areas on the hip, thigh and knee during periods of high-volume running or biking. Ocassionally other types of activities also cause the IT Band to become inflamed and sore. Over time this damage can accumulate into an acute or chronic condition called IT BAND SYNDROME.


Since IT Band Syndrome is considered to be primarily an overuse type of injury, it is important for high-volume athletes such as distance runners, bikers and triathletes to make sure to treat their legs to prevent or reduce the formation of scar tissue caused by continual damage to the IT Band. Regular use of a Muscle Glide handheld model allows the IT band to be easily massaged alone or with a partner and are more convenient and easier to use than a foam roller. For particularly stubborn cases the use of the Muscle Glide floor model is a more effective treatment for the IT Band than foam rollers and allows even the largest legs to be effectively treated. Thousands of athletes at all levels have experienced dramatic benefits from using the Muscle Glide rollers on their quads and IT Bands. Regular use before problems start will help to prevent them from occuring, and use after injuries can shorten healing time and reduce your time on the DL. Frequent use of the Muscle Glide can also increase performance by reducing tension and tightness in the quads and the IT Band.
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