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Each of our muscles is covered by a thin layer of connective tissue called FASCIA.

Fascia is sort of like a wax paper covering around each muscle which is meant to allow our muscles to move freely and slide against each other easily throughout their range of motion. Fascia can become damaged in a variety of ways including overuse, injury, infection and inflammation or being sedentary for long periods.

When the fascia is damaged, it can become thick, stiff and inflexible. This can result in pain and stiffness and limit your range of motion. This is one of the causes of stiffness after hard work or exercise. The areas where the Fascia has become stiff and inflexible are called ADHESION'S. Adhesion's can be thought to be like glue that has taken the place of the wax paper. Instead of being smooth, thin and slippery, the damaged Fascia becomes thick and sticky. Instead of allowing the muscles to slide easily against each other, the adhesion's cause the muscles to become restricted and movement is more difficult and range of motion decreases. If adhesion's are not treated and continue to develop to where they are causing restricted movement they are referred to as MYOFASCIAL RESTRICTIONS.

It is very important to reduce or eliminate these myofascial restrictions in order to increase your flexibility and maximize your ability to perform your best for sports or other activities. Also, inflexibility from myofascial restrictions can lead to other more serious injuries. Thankfully just like the old saying goes: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to treating myofascial restrictions.


The understanding of myofascial restrictions is relatively new, so the development of treatments has been limited. Therapeutic massage is probably the oldest treatment, but people seeking therapies they can do themselves have led to the development of foam rollers and handheld massager. Most of these previous devices have been difficult to use, uncomfortable, expensive or ineffective. At Muscle Glide we thoroughly reviewed all of the other self-massage devices on the market and discarded all of the products that offer no benefits. Then we studied the products that offer some benefit and took the good and left the not so good. We wanted an easy to use, effective, portable and durable device that solved the problems of the other devices and gives everyone the opportunity to treat their own muscle problems at a cost far less than conventional therapeutic massages or expensive and ineffective vibrators or other gimmicks. You will be amazed how quickly and easily you can provide a very effective level of treatment to yourself or a partner with Muscle Glide. A few minutes a day will help minimize your pain and stiffness, maximize your flexibility and help you perform your best.