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The Muscle Glide is a great tool for Physical Therapists.

Muscle Glide products are proven to be the perfect soft-tissue tool for use by Physical Therapists. They allow quick and effective massage of tight muscles and are one of the easiest ways to diagnose and treat trigger points. The patented design of the Muscle Glide PRO series enables you to provide effective therapy to the largest muscles and saves stress and strain to your fingers, hands, wrists and arms. They also allow you to effectively address personal areas such as the glutes and other areas of anatomy in a hands-free manner, keeping you and your patients more comfortable.


The unique design and construction of the Muscle Glide products have been hailed as being particularly effective on challenging areas such as the Hamstrings and I-T Band. Most other rollers on the market are either too soft or too flexible to be as effective as Muscle Glide for many of the more demanding patient applications.

Why It Works

The patented design of the Muscle Glide PRO series ensures that you have complete control in determining how much tissue penetration is required while exerting minimal force. The shape of the urethane wheels allows you to pinpoint and treat the smallest trigger points, and the spacing between the wheels allows you to provide as much penetration as needed without just "mashing" the entire area like with most other "flat" cylinder rollers.
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4-Wheel Sports Therapy Muscle Massager 4-Wheel PRO Model

The MuscleGlide 4-Wheel PRO Model is great for getting into those hard to reach places the big rollers can't get to.

: $79.00
6-Wheel PRO muscle therapy roller for pain management 6-Wheel PRO Model

The MuscleGlide 6-Wheel PRO Model is the perfect roller for nearly every professional user. Compact enough to be maneuverable, but wide enough to work well on all but the largest individuals.

: $79.00
8-Wheel muscle therapy roller for pain management 8-Wheel PRO Model

The extra wheel width allows use on the largest areas of the body and the extra surface area allows fast coverage with the fewest number of strokes.

: $89.00