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Our forearms contain many muscles and tendons that control the movement of our fingers and hands and allow us to grip objects. Because many of these tendons are comparatively small, they are easily damaged from overuse or excessive strain.

For example, it is thought that damage to the tendons of the carpal tunnel of the wrist can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Although CTS is thought to have many causes, the general consensus is that continual overuse of the fingers and wrists in the same repetitive motions or movements can cause damage to the tendons in the carpal tunnel of the wrist which can then become swollen and put pressure on the median nerve. It is important to reduce the inflammation and stiffness and heal the damage to the tendons of the forearm to reduce the causes and effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Another common tendon problem in the forearm occurs at the common extensor tendon that originates from the lateral epicondyle of the Humerus or upper arm bone and is usually referred to as Tennis Elbow. One of the contributing factors for Tennis Elbow are microscopic and macroscopic tears between the common extensor tendon and the periosteum of the lateral humeral epicondyle or outside of your elbow. It is thought that repetitive actions, especially those performed with quick movements which extend the forearm while the hand performs a gripping action are the primary causes of these microscopic tears. Despite the common name Tennis Elbow, it is not restricted to tennis players and in fact a large portion of the population will experience the effects associated with damage to the common extensor tendon.


Thankfully the MuscleGlide family of products are particularly beneficial for helping to prevent, reduce and treat the effects of tendon problems in the forearm, wrists and hands. Simply setting your MuscleGlide on a flat surface like a table and then rolling your forearms, wrists and hands over it for a few minutes can dramatically reduce the inflammation, stiffness and pain associated with common overuse problems associated with the tendons in your hands and arms. Likewise you can also roll the tops of your forearms, biceps and triceps by holding your MuscleGlide in the opposite hand and rolling it over the affected area. A few quick strokes in the morning and evening can really keep your muscles and tendons relaxed and prevent or reduce many tendon problems from overuse or overexertion.